Our growing Institute is in the process of rapidly adding up new facets to its infrastructure. Currently the buildings of Core Lab Complex, Service block, Lecture Halls, Library, Workshop, Cafeteria and single Seated Student Residence-I are fully functional.

B. Tech

The four year Bachelor of Technology programme is offered in three core branches of engineering. Institute offers Four Year Undergraduate degree (B.Tech.) programme in:

  • Computer Science & Engineering
  • Electronics & Communication Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Design
It is aimed at providing a basic foothold in various aspects of engineering. The salient feature of this programme is the year-long B.Tech Project which exposes students to innovative technology and latest industrial practices. Emphasis is laid on synthesis, creativity, hands-on experience, innovation, communication and entrepreneurship. Learning is largely based on real-world situation in different sectors.

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B. Des

Bachelor of Design course aims to provide a holistic perspective of design education to the young designers of the country. The undergraduate curriculum aims at developing designers who are strong in their fundamentals and are ready to venture in any area of design namely product, communication, space, interaction or service design.

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M. Tech

The Master of Technology programme admits graduate students in core as well as interdisciplinary courses (IDPs), the duration of which is two years for a full time programme and three years for a part time programme. This programme takes a median between course work and research: most M.Tech students undertake teaching or research assistantship along with regular course work. The programme comprises of one or two years of course work to train students in high theoretical knowledge and a 15 months long M.Tech project which enables them to tackle practical prob­lems of design and development as well as pursue active research. Inter­disciplinary programmes admit graduates students from varied discipline and tackle problems of diverse nature by understanding the meaningful connections that exist among various disciplines.

  1. M.Tech. in Computer Science & Engineering (CSE)
  2. 2. M.Tech. in Electronics & Communication Engineering (ECE)
    • Microwave and Communication Engineering
    • b)Power and Control
  3. 3. M.Tech. in Mechanical Engineering (ME)
    • CAD/CAM
    • Design
    • Manufacturing
  4. M.Tech. in Mechatronics

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M. Des

Modern Design is not merely the design of a product, interaction or service but the design of the very experience which the user seeks while interacting with a product or service. Experience which is a curry of culture, emotion, interaction and affect in the mind of the user. Design is an intricate weave of ever-complex threads of science, art and engineering with all their branches spun each yarn. It is exclusive application of the inclusive knowledge acquired through experience, research, experiment and iteration. In the following disciplines:

  1. Product Design
  2. Visual Design

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  1. Computer Science & Engineering (CSE)
  2. Electronics & Communication Engineering (ECE)
  3. Mechanical Engineering (ME)
  4. Design
  5. Natural Sciences (NS)

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