Club's Extra-Curricular Activities

Saaz Night

Every year SAAZ, the Music Club of IIITDM Jabalpur organizes Saaz Nights. We witness some exceptional performances and rare compositions by the members of the club. The program includes Saraswati Vandana, many fusions of Bollywood songs , pop Songs, classical songs and many more enchanting melodies. Every year there are a lot of electrifying performances, the members of the club show their impeccable musical talents and enthrall the audience . This year Saaz night was held during the sports fest Gusto in the month of February. It was a one of the most spectacular event with some extremely melodious and memorable performances.

Aavartan Night

“Dance is the hidden language of the soul.” Dancing is an expression of your soul. The dance club of IIITDM Jabalpur ”AAVARTAN DANCE CLUB” gives a platform to all the members so that they can express their anger , love ,joy , sadness , and even humor. It is one of the most glamorous and charismatic nights organized by the club. Students with their marvelous dancing talent, rock and set the stage on fire. Every year we witness some very commendable dance styles like hip-hop , bollywood , salsa , contemporary , bboy ,classical dances. It is one of the best platform for each and every student to unleash their talent. Aavartan Night is biggest dance event usually conducted in the month of January and is graced with overwhelming response from the audience.

ShutterBox Exibition

Exhibition Shutterbox is organized by the Photography Club of IIITDM Jabalpur. It provides opportunities to its members to exhibit their work in public. Members, no matter what their experience level ,are encouraged to participate as another way of sharing their photography. Their areas of photographic interests include portrait, nature photography, street photography, sports photography, and editing and enhancing. Each year this exhibition is conducted during The Tech fest Abhikalpan in the month of January and the spectacular talent of the members of the club is appreciated by everyone.p>


Robotics Club of IIITDMJ deals with the fascinating world of Robots. Many intra college events such as Robowar ,Robosoccer ,Aquasoccer,Robothon,Line Following Robot and many more such events are organized every year. Robowar is one such major event where a team of 4-5 people participate with their robots which may be wired or wireless and have to succeed in defending the opposite team's Robot .A game where you crush away the enemy’s bot or get your own sliced into pieces. The path to glory passes through the alley of destruction, lethal combats, violent bots, and flying blades! This could be done by hitting, pushing and by using various mechanisms. The goal of the game is to make your robot kill all other robots and be the alone survivor.

Jazbaat Night

Jazbaat The Dramatics Society of IIITDM Jabalpur organises every year its greatest event Jazbaat Nite in the month of January. The night is blessed by some amazing plays include musical drama, mime and stand up comedy. We see some enthralling performances. This year's play "Valentine Week" performed in Jazbaat Nite 2016 won the Runner's up position at Carpe Diem in IIM Calcutta. The audience witnesses some breath taking performace which leaves them spellbound.

Fiesta-da-Literati and Alfaaz

Samwaad, the Literature and Quizzing Society of PDPM IIITDM Jabalpur, is the institute’s centre of public speaking and the hub of great speakers. It aims to hone the stage skills of its members in fields of Extempore, Debates, Speeches, Poetry and much more. Also, it hosts a number of fun events like Shipwrecked, Just A Minute, Spell Bee, Friday Night Discussions and the list is long. Amidst these year round activities, Samwaad is known for its two Literature festivals; Fiesta-da-Literati, an Intra-college festival for the entire student fraternity of the institute and Alfaaz, an Inter-college festival, wherein students from all the colleges of Jabalpur and beyond participate with utmost zeal and enthusiasm. Fiesta-da-Literati is the first of the cultural festivals for the odd semesters, conducted in the month of September. It brings in much needed excitement after the mid-semester examinations and sees huge participation from the newly admitted first year students of the institute. Alfaaz, on the other hand, is the first to be conducted for the even semesters, in the month of January. It witnesses a true spectrum of talent when students from far and beyond come to participate in this ever exciting Literature festival. Samwaad has always been one of the most active cultural clubs of IIITDMJ and is managed and run by people who work day in and day out to maintain the grandeur that this Literature and Quizzing Society has earned for itself in the past years.


Abhivyakti is the arts and crafts club of IIITDM Jabalpur.In the club students get opportunity not only to show their creativity but also to learn things which are really fun! The club provides a roof for all art lovers and creative students. Every year the club encourages the students by conducting various Inter and Intra college competetions. KALAKRITI is the most prestegious of the events of the club. It is an art gallery, an exhibition of all the art works which are made by students throughout the college- all club and non club members. Also students from other colleges present their art works. Last year Kalakriti was during the time of Abhikalpan- The tech fest of our college, and it was a great success! There was a great admiration for the exhibition from the students of many other colleges. Every student has a creative side within- believes Abhivyakti.


Throughout the year the Football club organizes various competitions and training sessions in which club members eagerly participate and contribute zealously to make the club epitome of success. Futsal is one of the major tournament oragnised by the club twice in one academic year. It is an open tournament in which students make their own team of 7 players and participate in it. Last year Futsal was organised during the month of September and April. It witnessed a whole new level of excitement, thrill, skills and pressure handling. Every year it sets the benchmark for cut-throat competition.


Enthuse is IIITDMJ's Intra-College Sports Meet. This event witnesses activities across the spectrum of sporting domain from Track and Field to Chess. It features a multitude of events i.e. Cricket, Volleyball, Football, Badminton, Athletics, Basketball, Lawn Tennis, Table Tennis, Chess and many more. Every year students participate in this event with great passion and vigour. This tournament is organized during the month of October ever year.It gives them a perfect platform to perform and showcase their inner abilities, skills and mental resilience.