Video Conferencing

Video-conferencing facility was installed in 2005 at the Institute. The live broadcasting of lectures are done from IIT Kanpur. Efforts are being made to connect the Institute with other IITs also. Several lectures pertaining to course material in different subjects for the undergraduate class were successfully done in 2006.President of India has also addressed the students of IIITDM through this video conferencing facility.

Computer Center

This laboratory is equipped with various trainer kits and equipments: AM, FM, PAM, PPM, PWM, μ-Law & A-Law Compressor and Decompressor, TDM, FDM, PCM, BFSK , Sigma Delta Modulator & Demodulator, Adaptive Delta, CDMA-DSSS, GSM, Satellite communication Trainer, Fiber Optic Trainer (Modulation, Bending Loss, Measurement of Optical Power, Numerical Aperture), Spectrum Analyzer, DSO.

Central Library

Institute library has books above 9000 in number with different fields and different categories . Institute library also has e-resources through INDEST, Science Direct, IEEE, ACM, Springger Link and ASME .The Institute also has access to various online research journals & articles like resources SIAM, IOP, APS, Informs and the search engine Scopus.